Savoring Truth


     This verse is found in a collection of fatherly advice from the famously wise King Solomon.  These are words from a guy who had everything the world could offer.  He had financial resources beyond those of his peers, power and prestige, he even surrounded himself with beautiful women.  Yet in all of his attaining, he attached a particular value to the truth.  He counseled his readers to “buy the truth”.  Having purchased the truth, he urges us not to give it up.  He counted the truth as precious, valuable, worth retaining.  Solomon also wrote the book we call Ecclesiastes.  If you invest some time in the study that book, you will find that Solomon was not satisfied, even in all his possessions and relationships. It turns out that one of the many reasons the truth is so valuable is that it protects from living lives based on lies.  You can run as hard as you want in pursuit of the lie that a little more money will make you happy, but Solomon has been there and it didn’t work for him.  You can invest as much of your life as you choose in the lie that there is fulfillment in relationships with members of the opposite sex, but Solomon has been there and testifies that this didn’t bring meaning to his life either.  You can become a workaholic because of the lie that your accomplishments will bring about the respect you want from the rest of the world.  Solomon tried that, too.  The Truth tells you that you are created by a God who loves you and desires a relationship with you.  Today.  As you are now.  I’ll buy that.

     What are you doing to acquire and hold on to the truth?  This blog aims to help with that effort by seeing, sharing, and savoring truth. I hope you will become a frequent visitor and help me in that pursuit.  I believe the Bible is the source of truth and that knowing and applying it is still changing lives today.

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