One of the difficult life lessons I still periodically struggle to learn is that our time is limited.  Each day, there are more things that I need to do, want to do, or get to do than I have time to actually do in that day's 24 hour allocation of life.  When extended over a lifetime, we see the same patterns hold true for many of us.  In the words of the Circle of Life from Disney's The Lion King, "there is more to do than can ever be done."  Prioritization matters.  If I can really only do a limited number of things, I want to make sure that I do the most important things before it's too late.  This is one of the reasons for the Savoring Truth blog's existence.  We need a healthy dose of the Bible on a regular basis, whether it comes from devotions, Bible studies with friends, sermons, or preferably, all of the above. 
     One tool that I would like to offer you to help keep on track in this area of life (prioritizing truth) is our new weekly(ish) email called Savoring Truth appetizers.  This content is designed in support of my new book, the New Testament Challenge, but it will be useful whether or not you have the book.  If you would like to give it a try, please sign up on the form below.  You can cancel at any time, no hard feelings.  I appreciate you reading and I hope these emails increase your appetite for more time in the Bible.


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