"Supernatural Preparation" Savoring Truth in Psalm 119 - Part 4 (25-32)

     "I can do it mine own!",  "My can do it", "I know how already", "Dad, I'm 18!"  Raising four children has afforded my wife and I the privilege of hearing many such attempts at asserting ability that may or may not exist yet.  Whether it's a two year old attempting to go fishing alone (yes, this really happened), a three year old cutting their hair, a seven year old mowing the lawn, or an 18 year old deciding on the rules of the household, our kids often have opinions on their own abilities that are something short of accurate.  Optimistic, perhaps?  This weakness in the area of self-assessment doesn't fade as we transition into adulthood.  I am 40 years old and I still spend a lot of time telling God how wise I am.  

     One area in which we humans are notably deficient is in our Bible reading, comprehension, and application.  We are reliant on God to prepare our hearts to embrace what He is teaching us through His word.  A critical component of our relationship with God, many of us view Bible reading as a mundane task to be endured.  How far from the truth, that the sovereign Creator of the Universe is at work in each of our lives, on an individual level, to enable us to know Him and serve Him during the time He gives us here on the earth!  Take a look at what the Psalmist has to teach us this week:

    25      My soul clings to the dust;
    Revive me according to Your word.

     Here we find a  hurting, hopeless person turning to God for new life, for revival.  Their hope in God is based on their understanding of the promise of His word.  You have every reason to hold onto that same hope today, regardless of your circumstances.

    26      I have declared my ways, and You answered me;
    Teach me Your statutes.
    27      Make me understand the way of Your precepts;
    So shall I meditate on Your wonderful works.

     It is God who prepares us to understand His Word.  It is God who makes our meditation meaningful!
    28      My soul melts from heaviness;
    Strengthen me according to Your word.

     Again we are reminded of the Psalmist's struggle, but even in reciting their despair, this person relies on God's ability to bring strength and new life to broken, hurting people.  So can you.

    29      Remove from me the way of lying,
    And grant me Your law graciously.
    30      I have chosen the way of truth;
    Your judgments I have laid before me.

     If we honestly evaluate our way of life in comparison with God's standard, we are led to repentance, to admitting we are not doing what He designed us to do.  Repentance is thinking again, getting off the way we have been pursuing and onto God's way.  There are two paths in life, and we all start out on the wrong one.  God removes us from "the way of lying" and enables us to "choose the way of truth".  
    31      I cling to Your testimonies;
    O LORD, do not put me to shame!
    32      I will run the course of Your commandments,
    For You shall enlarge my heart.

     How will this person stay the course of the command of God?  God will enlarge their heart.  God enables us to hold on to His word and do what it says.


Savoring Truth in Psalm 119 Part 3

17 Deal bountifully with Your servant, That I may live and keep Your word.

 By God’s grace, we live and thrive!  

18 Open my eyes, that I may see Wondrous things from Your law. 19 I am a stranger in the earth; Do not hide Your commandments from me.  

We are dependent upon God’s illumination to bring meaning to His revelation  

20 My soul breaks with longing For Your judgments at all times. 21 You rebuke the proud—the cursed, Who stray from Your commandments. 22 Remove from me reproach and contempt, For I have kept Your testimonies.

 Our longing for justice will only be fulfilled in the decrees of God

  23 Princes also sit and speak against me, But Your servant meditates on Your statutes.

 Calm in chaos comes from confidence in Christ

  24 Your testimonies also are my delight And my counselors. 

  If God said it, it is worthy of being rejoiced in, repeated, and respected.